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A Study in Scarlet (1933) was a Mystery - Thriller/Suspense Film directed by Edwin L. Marin and produced by Samuel Bischoff.

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A STUDY IN SCARLET (1933) On Blu-ray From The Film Detective

By Dan Day, Jr. on Jan 8, 2022 From The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog

The only film in THE SHERLOCK HOLMES VAULT COLLECTION Blu-ray set that does not have Arthur Wontner as Sherlock Holmes is A STUDY IN SCARLET (1933), made at the low-budget Tiffany Studio in Hollywood. Character actor Reginald Owen plays Holmes. Members of a secretive group called the Scarlet Ring ar... Read full article

A Study in Scarlet (1933) – with Reginald Owen and Anna May Wong

By Greg Orypeck on Jul 28, 2016 From Classic Film Freak

Share This! ?My interest is to bring the criminal to justice.??? Sherlock Holmes (Owen) A Study in Scarlet?came almost in the middle of Arthur Wontner?s five British Sherlock Holmes films, and would be the last American film about the detective until the first of the Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce serie... Read full article

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Mrs. Murphy: Then you've had to take me, Mr. Holmes?
Sherlock Holmes: I'll, ahh, take up your case.
Mrs. Murphy: Mind you, it'll have to be for love.
Sherlock Holmes: Love?
Mrs. Murphy: For nix. I've noticed how you like workin' for nothin'.
Sherlock Holmes: My interest is to bring the criminal to justice.
Mrs. Murphy: Well, never mind about justice, never mind about the crime. All I want is my husband's lawful money. And I want you to slap that thievin' lawyers face right across, between his greasy fat chops. Good night, Mr. Holmes. I'll be seeing you and thank you kindly.

Sherlock Holmes: You came to see me professionally.
Inspector Lestrade: Well, er, unofficially.
Sherlock Holmes: I see. Heads you win, tails I lose.

Sherlock Holmes: Come, Watson; the game is afoot.

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Facts about

Reginald Owen, having previously played Dr. Watson, hoped with this film to initiate a series of Sherlock Holmes films with himself as Holmes. This was the only film made with Owen as Holmes.
Although the movie is credited as having been "suggested by the book by A. Conan Doyle," in fact, the plot is very different from that of the novel itself, which first introduced the character of Sherlock Holmes to the general public. Even the characters other than Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are not the original ones that appeared in the story.
Bears no relation in plot to Arthur Conan Doyle's original novel of the same name, as the producers purchased rights only to the title, not the storyline of Doyle's book.
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Also directed by Edwin L. Marin

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Also produced by Samuel Bischoff

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Also released in 1933

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