Tommy Dorsey

Tommy Dorsey

Brother of bandleader Jimmy Dorsey.

Buried at Kensico Cemetary, Valhalla, New York. His grave marker in a granite slab with the raised outline of a trombone in the middle.

Choked to death in his sleep after a heavy meal.

Edythe Wright was his mistress from 1935 until at least 1941. She joined his band in 1935, but left in 1939 after his wife found out and insisted she leave the band.

Frank Sinatra refused to be a part of his memorial show, saying, "I didn't like him. It would be inappropriate for me to appear on a memorial show." Buddy Rich refused to appear because Sinatra wouldn't appear.

He and his brother Jimmy Dorsey formed The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra in 1930. Tommy, the more temperamental one, is usually blamed for igniting the long-standing feud that broke them up in 1935. Apparently an argument erupted over the tempo of one of their songs, which led to Tommy's exit. They appeared together for one film in 1947, but did not reunite until 1953, when they reformed an orchestra. The final years of their lives were spent co-hosting a musical variety show, which introduced Elvis Presley to TV for the first time (he sang "Heartbreak Hotel").

He had a son, Steve, with his third wife, Jane.

He had an affair with Tallulah Bankhead during his first marriage.

He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Reocrding at 6675 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.

He was the uncle of Julie Lou Dorsey.

His brother, Jimmy, had an affair with Tommy's second wife, Patricia, before Patricia and Tommy met. Later, at one of Tommy's birthday parties, Jimmy shoved the cake in Patricia's face, leading to a fight between the two brothers.

His daughter, Catherine Susan "Susie," was born in November, 1949.

His daughter, Pat, got married in February 1943 to Lester Hooker, who was to become a basketball coach at William and Mary and University of Richmond. They had three children and were married until his death in 1999. Dorsey was not happy about the marriage, as Pat was only seventeen.

His daughter, Patricia Marie Dorsey, was born on April 11, 1925. She was called Patsy or Pat. She now goes by Pat Dorsey Hooker.

His father, Thomas Francis Dorsey, died in July 12, 1942.

His first wife obtained a divorce on the grounds of adultery.

His first wife was always called Toots.

His mother died on June 22, 1968, at the age of 93.

His son, Thomas Francis "Skipper" Dorsey III, born September 9, 1930.

His two youngest children, Susan and Steve, did not attend his funeral because their mother felt that they were too young.