Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper

James Dean learned he had an interest in photography when they worked together, and encouraged him to pursue it as an alternative to just being an actor. Hopper published a book of photos in the late 1980s, including pictures of stars he had known, and thanked Dean.

1 September 2000 - A Canadian judge dismissed marijuana charges against Hopper stemming from an October 1999 arrest in Calgary.

After his run-in with director Henry Hathaway, was blackballed from major Hollywood feature film roles from 1958 until 1965, during which time he was busy working on television.

Alumni of the Lee Strasberg Institute.

As a youngster in Kansas City, he took classes taught by legendary painter Thomas Hart Benton, who told him: "One day you'll learn to get tight, and paint loose.".

Belongs to the Top 100 collectors of modern art.

Buried in Taos, New Mexico.

Dennis and Victoria Duffy Hopper's first child, daughter Galen Grier Hopper, was born on March 26, 2003 in Los Angeles, California.

Dennis Hopper married Victoria Duffy in Boston, at the Old South Church.

Despite his Republican affiliations, he intentionally parodied Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld while playing the greedy, racist villain, Mr. Kaufman in Land of the Dead (2005). He also endorsed and voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 election, and criticized the selection of Sarah Palin on the Republican ticket.

Father of Marin Hopper, born June 26th 1962, with Brooke Hayward.

Father of Ruthanna Hopper with Daria Halprin.

Graduate of Helix High School, La Mesa, California. Class of 1954, which voted him "Most Likely to Succeed".

Had his photography exhibited at Fort Worth, Denver, Wichita, Cochran, and Spileto art museums, as well as the Parco Gallery and in the cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Kumatomo, Japan.

Has a son, with Katherine LaNasa, named Henry Hopper, born on September 1990.

He thinks that the worst movie that he has ever done was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986).

His 1970 marriage to Michelle Phillips lasted just a few days, during his wild and woolly, drug-fueled period. She also appears briefly in The Last Movie (1971), Hopper's almost-disastrously appropriately entitled solo directorial effort, following Easy Rider (1969). At one point in this era, Hopper was arrested after he was found raving, naked. After early success as a child star in theater, his movie career was practically stillborn when Louis B. Mayer banned him from the MGM lot after Hopper responded forcefully, in kind, when the mogul belittled his desire to play Shakespearen roles.

His acting career has taken him all over the world, and to date he has filmed movies in over 22 countries. (May 2007).

His house in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, is a radical architectural statement.

His parents are Jay and Marjorie Hopper. His father died in 1982 and his mother remarried.