The musical number 'Toot Sweets' took three weeks to film and involved 38 dancers, 40 singers, 85 musicians and 100 dogs.

The name "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" was inspired by a series of actual race cars named "Chitty Bang Bang" - I, II, etc - in the early 1920s, notable for their use of enormous aircraft engines.

The name Toot Sweet is a play on "tout suite", a French expression meaning "right away" or "quickly".

The number plate on Truly's car is CUB 1. This is Albert R. Broccoli's personal number for his own his car.

The original book "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" was written by the creator of "James Bond", Ian Fleming. In "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" three actors from "James Bond" films appear: Gert Fröbe and Desmond Llewelyn and Anna Quayle

The original Broadway production of the stage musical "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" opened at the Hilton Theater in New York on April 28, 2005 and ran for 285 performances.

The role of Truly Scrumptious was originally offered to Julie Andrews, but she declined. Sally Ann Howes had replaced Julie Andrews in the Broadway company of "My Fair Lady" when Andrews went to London in the musical, so Howes was offered the role.

The scenes in and around Baron Bomburst's castle in Vulgaria were shot on location at King Ludwig II's Castle Neuschwanstein, located at the foot of the Alps on the German-Austrian border.

Voted number 14 in Channel 4's (UK) "Greatest Family Films".

When the balloon arrives in Vulgaria, Grandpa Pott's shack in on the ground. A set of steps is wheeled up to the gondola so the Admiral and crew can disembark. On the side of the steps is printed "VULG-AIR."

When the production filmed in the German town of Rothenberg on the Tauber, some locals were used. Senior citizens were cast as the townspeople of Vulgaria, while the local university's riding teams played the Vulgarian soldiers.

While not the huge financial failure it had often been described as, the film did nevertheless lose money on its release and received generally negative reviews.

Whilst filming one of the scenes where the Child Catcher rides his horse and carriage out of the village, the Cage/Carriage uptilted with Robert Helpmann on board. Dick Van Dyke recalls Helpmann being able to swing out of the carriage and literally skip across the crashing vehicle. Van Dyke claims Helpmann did this with incredible grace and much like a dancer - which was Helpmann's original claim to fame.