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8 People Born On October 7

Robert Z. Leonard


Robert Zigler Leonard
Born on Oct 07, 1889 in Chicago, IL
Died on Aug 27, 1968 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
Fan Favorite Films: Pride and Prejudice, Naughty Marietta, A Tale of Two Cities, The Firefly and The Divorcee

Del Lord


Del Lord
Born on Oct 07, 1894 in Grimsby, Canada
Died on Mar 23, 1970 in Calabasas, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Butter Fingers, Shivering Sherlocks, False Alarms, Phony Express and Trapped by Televisio

Charles Chauvel


Charles Edward Chauvel
Born on Oct 07, 1897 in Warwick, Australia
Died on Nov 11, 1959 in Sydney, Australia
Fan Favorite Films:

John W. Considine Jr.


John William Considine Jr.
Born on Oct 07, 1898 in Spokane, WA
Died on Mar 22, 1961 in Hollywood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Eagle, Boys Town, Johnny Eager, Two Arabian Knights and The Gay Bride

Andy Devine


Andrew Vabre Devine
Born on Oct 07, 1905 in Flagstaff, AZ
Died on Feb 18, 1977 in Orange, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Stagecoach, Romeo and Juliet, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, A Star Is Born and Pete Kelly's Blues

June Allyson


Eleanor Geisman
Born on Oct 07, 1917 in The Bronx, NY
Died on Jul 08, 2006 in Ojai, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Thousands Cheer, The Girl in White, Two Sisters from Boston, Her Highness and the Bellboy and The Glenn Miller Story

Diana Lynn


Dolores Loehr
Born on Oct 07, 1926 in Los Angeles, CA
Died on Dec 18, 1971 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Major and the Minor, The Bride Wore Boots, Meet Me at the Fair, They Shall Have Music and The Miracle of Morgan's Creek

Mary Badham


Mary Badham
Born on Oct 07, 1952 in Birmingham, AL
Fan Favorite Films: To Kill a Mockingbird, This Property is Condemned,

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