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8 People Born On August 15

Ethel Barrymore


Ethel Mae Blythe
Born on Aug 15, 1879 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Died on Jun 18, 1959 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
Fan Favorite Films: That Midnight Kiss, Pinky, Young at Heart, The Spiral Staircase and Deadline - U.S.A.

Mary Nash


Mary Ryan
Born on Aug 15, 1884 in Troy, NY
Died on Dec 03, 1976 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Philadelphia Story, Yolanda and the Thief, The Rains Came, Sailor's Lady and Wells Fargo

Signe Hasso


Signe Eleonora Cecilia Larsson
Born on Aug 15, 1910 in Stockholm, Sweden
Died on Jun 07, 2002 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: A Scandal in Paris, The Seventh Cross, The Story of Dr. Wassell, The House on 92nd Street and Where There's Life

Wendy Hiller


Wendy Margaret Hiller
Born on Aug 15, 1912 in Bramhall, Cheshire
Died on May 14, 2003 in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire
Fan Favorite Films: The Elephant Man, Toys in the Attic, Sons and Lovers, A Man for All Seasons and Outcast of the Islands

Huntz Hall


Henry Richard Hall
Born on Aug 15, 1920 in New York City, NY
Died on Jan 30, 1999 in North Hollywood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Angels Wash Their Faces, Angels with Dirty Faces, They Made Me a Criminal, A Walk in the Sun and Dead E

Rose Marie


Rose Marie Mazetta
Born on Aug 15, 1923 in New York City, NY
Died on Dec 28, 2017 in Van Nuys, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Don't Worry, We'll Think of a Title, Top Banana, Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round, Mooch Goes to Hollywood and Get Christie Love!

Mike Connors


Krekor Ohanian
Born on Aug 15, 1925 in Fresno, CA
Died on Jan 26, 2017 in Tarzana, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Ten Commandments, Good Neighbor Sam, Stagecoach, Five Guns West and Swamp Wome

Jill Haworth


Valerie Jill Haworth
Born on Aug 15, 1945 in Sussex, England
Died on Jan 03, 2011 in Manhattan, NY
Fan Favorite Films: Exodus, The Cardinal, In Harm's Way, Light Years and The Haunted House of Horror

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