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8 People Born On April 2

Margaret Yarde


Margaret Yarde
Born on Apr 02, 1878 in Dartmouth, UK
Died on Mar 11, 1944 in London, UK
Fan Favorite Films: The Good Companions, Queen of Hearts, Michael and Mary, French Without Tears and Man of the Moment

Reginald Barker


Reginald Barker
Born on Apr 02, 1886 in Winnipeg, Canada
Died on Feb 23, 1945 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Mississippi Gambler, The Typhoon,

Jack Buchanan


Walter John Buchanan
Born on Apr 02, 1891 in Helensburgh, Scotland
Died on Oct 20, 1957 in London, England
Fan Favorite Films: The Band Wagon, Brewster's Millions, The Gang's All Here, The French, They Are a Funny Race and Josephine and Me

Francis Lister


Francis Lister
Born on Apr 02, 1899 in London, England
Died on Oct 28, 1951 in London, England
Fan Favorite Films: Cardinal Richelieu, Henry V, Mutiny on the Bounty, Christopher Columbus and Clive of Indi

Buddy Ebsen


Christian Ludolph Ebsen Jr.
Born on Apr 02, 1908 in Belleville, IL
Died on Jul 06, 2003 in Torrance, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Broadway Melody of 1938, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Between Heaven and Hell, Broadway Melody of 1936 and The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family B

Alec Guinness


Alec Guinness de Cuffe
Born on Apr 02, 1914 in Marylebone, England
Died on Aug 05, 2000 in Midhurst, london
Fan Favorite Films: The Fall of the Roman Empire, Doctor Zhivago, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Lawrence of Arabia and Oliver Twist

Dabbs Greer


Robert William Greer
Born on Apr 02, 1917 in Fairview, MO
Died on Apr 28, 2007 in Pasadena, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Diplomatic Courier, Devil's Doorway, House of Wax, D-Day the Sixth of June and Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Jack Webb


John Randolph Webb
Born on Apr 02, 1920 in Santa Monica, CA
Died on Dec 23, 1982 in West Hollywood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Sunset Boulevard, Pete Kelly's Blues, Sword in the Desert, Dark City and The Last Time I Saw Archie

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