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Actor, Zia Mohyeddin, was born on Jun 20, 1933 in Lyallpur, British India. As of December 2022, Zia Mohyeddin was 89 years old.



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Zia Mohyeddin Quotes:

Tafas: Here you may drink...
[Lawrence nods and takes out his canteen to drink water]
Tafas: One cup.
[pointing the tincup]
T.E. Lawrence: [Lawrence pours in some water] You do not drink?
Tafas: No.
[Tafas shakes his head like saying no]
T.E. Lawrence: I'll drink when you do.
Tafas: I am *Bedu*.
[Lawrence pours back the water in the tincup to canteen]

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Zia Mohyeddin Fact
After forming and directing the PIA Arts Academy in Pakistan, Zia met the exceptionally talented dancer Naheed Siddiqui and showcased her prominently in his company. They later married and after much strife both within the company and in the harsh Bhutto regime, he migrated back to England. Naheed, who followed him shortly thereafter, was allowed to leave her country only after she agreed never to perform anywhere without the permission of the Pakastani government.

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