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Legendary actor, Zero Mostel, was born Samuel Joel Mostel on Feb 28, 1915 in Brooklyn, NY. Mostel died at the age of 62 on Sep 8, 1977 in Philadelphia, PA .


Dark-haired, roly-poly American comic actor with football-shaped face. At first seen in serious roles as swarthy, sweaty, ethnic types, this part of his career was halted by blacklisting at the hands of the Un-American Activities Committee in 1951. After a long sojourn performing on Broadway and in nightclubs and building a reputation as a painter, he returned as a leading comic character actor, firing on all cylinders if you liked that sort of thing. Died from cardiac arrest. Actor Josh Mostel (1946-) is his son.

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Mostel was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Zero Mostel Quotes:

Pseudolus: [Speaking of the girl Hero says he loves] A common courtesan in the house of Lycus?
Hero: Is that bad?
Pseudolus: There's no way to make it sound like an achievement!

Max Bialystock: Don't you see, darling Bloom, glorious Bloom? It's so simple. STEP ONE: We find the worst play ever written, a surefire flop. STEP TWO: I raise a million bucks. Lots of little old ladies out there. STEP THREE: You go back to work on the books, two of them - one for the government, one for us. You can do it, Bloom; you're a wizard! STEP FOUR: We open on Broadway. And before you can say STEP FIVE, we *close* on Broadway! STEP SIX: We take our million bucks and fly to *Rio!*

Max Bialystock: That's exactly why we want to produce this play. To show the world the true Hitler, the Hitler you loved, the Hitler you knew, the Hitler with a song in his heart.

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Zero Mostel Facts
Won three Tony Award: as Best Actor (Dramatic) in1961 for "Rhinoceros," and as Best Actor (Musical) in 1963 for "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" and in 1965 for "Fiddler on the Roof." He was also nominated in 1974 as Best Actor (Dramatic) for "Ulysses in Nighttown."

Blacklisted in the 1950s.

One of the "12" blacklisted by the house of Un-American activities commitee in the 1950s.

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