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Actor, Zachary Scott, was born Zachary Thomson Scott Jr. on Feb 21, 1914 in Austin, TX. Scott died at the age of 51 on Oct 3, 1965 in Austin, TX and was laid to rest in Austin Memorial Park Cemetery in Austin, TX.



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures.

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Zachary Scott Quotes:

Jason Brett: Pour yourself some backbone and shut up!

Monte: Drink?
Mildred: You drink too much.
Monte: I know, I do too much of everything. I'm spoiled.
Mildred: You've too many sisters... They all seem to be my size too.
Monte: I know, I like them your size.
[raises glass]
Monte: To brotherly love.

Alexia LaRoche: [getting no response to her advances] You really keep yourself on ice, don't you, Van?
Richard Van Ness: Do I?
Alexia LaRoche: Don't you ever melt?
Richard Van Ness: Yes... sometimes... in the dark.

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Zachary Scott Facts
In 1951 he was arrested at a bar in Louisiana for violating segregation laws. He was in a black establishment drinking alcohol with African-Americans. he protested in court that he was invited to the bar by black men in uniform and that he was proud to drink with US soldiers.

His mother, Sally Lee Scott, died November 1983 at 95. She left everything to be divided by her 3 children. Zachary Scott's two daughters split their late father's share. his widow, Ruth, tried to sue for a share of it for herself, but didn't have enough money for a lawyer.

Known for his various charitable work, especially projects to help the poor and aid American troops.

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