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Actor, William Gargan, was born William Dennis Gargan on Jul 17, 1905 in Brooklyn, NY. Gargan died at the age of 73 on Feb 17, 1979 in in flight, unknown and was laid to rest in Holy Cross Cemetery in San Diego, CA.



Although Gargan was nominated for one Oscar, he never won a competitive Academy Award.

Academy Awards

YearAwardFilm nameRoleResult
1940Best Supporting ActorThey Knew What They Wanted (1940)Joe, the ForemanNominated

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William Gargan Quotes:

Sergei Pavlov: You're going to be shot tomorrow morning - and buried in quicklime with fifty others.
Bob Medill: Don't apologize; you know how democratic we Americans are.

[first lines]
[a biplane roars into the frame. Fade to the front page of the fictional New York Recorder: "ACE BOREMAN DUE SOON, CIRCLING THE WORLD WITHIN EIGHTY HOURS; FLYER NEARS NEW YORK; RECORD WELL IN HAND; SHIP STILL GOES WELL; Ace Boreman's world-circling airplane, Polly, passed over the liner Normandie at 8:00 o'clock..." Closeup on Ace and Stuffy in the cockpit, cut to a view of the southern tip of Manhattan, and back to the cockpit]
Ace Boreman: There she is!
'Stuffy' McInnes: [blankly] What "she" are you talkin' about? Don't tell me you see a dame this high up.
Ace Boreman: [laughing] I'm talking about New York.
'Stuffy' McInnes: [deadpan] Oh. Well, don't put skirts on it.
Ace Boreman: I guess there'll only be one girl in your life, eh Stuffy?
'Stuffy' McInnes: [puzzled] Yeah? Who's that?
Ace Boreman: This one: Polly.
'Stuffy' McInnes: Polly's different. She can't talk back.
[Polly rolls out of view as the scene fades to a ticker tape parade. Ace and Stuffy are in the back seat of an open touring car, waving at the throng, and covered with streamers and confetti]
Ace Boreman: I bet you never got this many cheers when you were a fighter, eh Stuffy?
'Stuffy' McInnes: Nah, all I ever heard was the referee countin'
Ace Boreman: And half the time you couldn't hear that.
Ace Boreman: [Stuffy gives him a dirty look] Wave to the free people, Stuffy.

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Best Supporting Actor Oscar 1940

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William Gargan Facts
Was a member of what was known affectionately as "the Irish Mafia", and often played characters with that background: policemen, priests, reporters and various blustering adventurers.

Died in flight between NY and San Diego

Brother of character actor Edward Gargan, who appeared with him in Miss Annie Rooney (1942) and Follow That Woman (1945).

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