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Character actor, Wilfred Lucas, was born on Jan 30, 1871 in Ontario, Canada. Lucas died at the age of 69 on Dec 5, 1940 in Los Angeles, CA and was laid to rest in Chapel Of The Pines Crematory Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA.



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Wilfred Lucas Quotes:

Warden: So they wanted a showdown, did they? They wanted a fight into a finish, did they? Well by the livin' Lucifer, THEY'RE GOING TO GET IT! Go on now, hop to it.

Prison Guard: They disappeared as if the earth had completely swallowed them.
Warden: Don't worry about those two babes in the woods. Use the bloodhounds. Those hounds never fail. Why they'll trail them so straight, it will be a cinch. Those hounds are ferocious. They're killers. Ha ha ha ha, I'd like to see their faces when they see those hounds. Now hop to it.

[last lines]
Warden: My boys, and you are my boys, I hold in my hand the pardons for both of you. This is the state's gesture in showing it's appreciation of your bravery. It was the firing of the signal shots in the mess hall that saved us from a disaster of cataclysmic dimensions.
[Stan and Ollie stare blankly; Warden hands them their pardons]
Oliver: Thank you, sir.
Warden: Now go, begin life a new. Forget this. Let this episode here be just a hiatus to be obliterated from your memory. And don't forget that I'm your friend. Anything that I can do to help you start where you left off, call on me at any time.
Oliver: Thank you.
[to Stan]
Oliver: We'll start all over again.
Stanley: We certainly will.
[to Warden]
Stanley: Can we take your order for a couple of cases?
[tooth buzzes]
Warden: Why you...!
[Stan and Ollie run from the office; screen fades to black; "THE END" appears on screen]

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Wilfred Lucas Facts
Off-screen pseudonym: Alexander Harvey

Became a movie actor after 22 years on stage.

His lead role in "Acquitted" (1916) won him outstanding player awards from several movie magazines.

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