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Character actor, Whit Bissell, was born Whitner Nutting Bissell on Oct 25, 1909 in New York City, NY. Bissell died at the age of 86 on Mar 5, 1996 in Woodland Hills, CA .


Fair-haired, pear-faced, inquisitive-looking American actor who rarely played sympathetic characters, but rather those whose ostensible interest in the community cloaked self-enriching schemes. His do-gooders were no-gooders, his solid citizens usually revealed a yellow streak and sometimes he was just the weak victim of his oppressors. On stage as a child, he briefly started a hollywood career before war service intervened. Had one leading role, as a mad professor in I Was a Teenage Frankenstein.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Film Character Actors: an Illustrated Directory).



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Whit Bissell Quotes:

Chamlee: I don't like it, no sir. I've always treated every man the same: just as another, future customer.
Henry: Well in that case, get that hearse rolling.
Chamlee: I can't, my driver's quit!
Robert: He's prejudiced too, huh?
Chamlee: Well, when it comes to a chance of getting his head blown off, he's downright bigoted.

Henry: Well I'll be damned. I never knew you had to be anything but a corpse to get into Boot Hill. How long's this been going?
Chamlee: Since the town got civilized.

Virgil Gates: You know, that's pretty good stew as stew goes around here. Of course, I wish old Cookie would stay out of it with his feet when he's mixin' it up.

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Whit Bissell Facts
Stepfather of Brian Forster.

As one of five children (including three brothers and a sister), Bissell was an avid yachtsman and fencer in his youth. He attended the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and while there began a serious pursuit of acting with the Carolina Playmakers. After a stint on the Broadway stage, Bissell began a career as one of the most recognizable character actors in the history of film and television.

Son of prominent surgeon Dr. J. Dougal Bissell.

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