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Character actor, Warren Oates, was born Warren Mercer Oates on Jul 5, 1928 in Depoy, KY. Oates died at the age of 53 on Apr 3, 1982 in Los Angeles, CA and was cremated and his ashes scattered in Montana.


Kentucky-born actor with dark, curly hair, who played loutish, countrified villains in his early screen days, but was soon singled out by critics and moved into better roles. When stardom came, he proved distinctly unconventional, mixing such commercial leading roles as Dillinger with unshowy secondary parts in other films: he was associated with some quite weird projects in his time. Died from a heart attack.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Film Character Actors: an Illustrated Directory).



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Warren Oates Quotes:

O.W. Hadley: [as he is about to be executed as a deserter] Aw, hell, Major, you're just doin' what you gots to do! But goddamn your soul for it anyway, and God bless Robert E. Lee!
[Tyreen shoots him in the back of the head]

Pike Bishop: Let's go!
Lyle Gorch: Why the hell not?

Colbee: Had me a quiet woman once. Outside she was calm as Sunday. Inside, she was wild as mountain scenery. I'm going to ride back that way again.
Luis Emilio Delgado: Where's that?
Colbee: Sonora town.
Luis Emilio Delgado: I was there once.
Colbee: Once? You mean you didn't go back?
Luis Emilio Delgado: What for?
Colbee: Well, there's over ten head of females for every male in Sonora, that's for what. And I ought to know - I went through half of them one night. And I would have got around to the rest of 'em, if I hadn't pulled a leg muscle.

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Warren Oates Facts
The University of Louisville had a scholarship named after him for promising students in the arts programs.

Turned down the lead role in Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969) in order to make The Wild Bunch (1969).

Father of Jennifer Oates and Tim Oates.

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