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Character actor, Wallace Ford, was born Samuel Jones Grundy on Feb 12, 1898 in Bolton, Lancashire. Ford died at the age of 68 on Jun 11, 1966 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles and was laid to rest in Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, Los Angeles County, CA.



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?s life was stranger than fiction. He was raised in an orphanage and a series of foster homes. He lived the life of a hobo as a teenager and adopted his stage name from a fellow tramp. His early training as a performer took place n dance halls and vaudeville troupes. He was 38 years old ... Read full article

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Wallace Ford Quotes:

[Stack finds a purse full of money - the one lost by Mr. Vandergelder, but Stack thinks it was lost by Cornelius]
Malachi Stack: You surprised that I want to get rid of this money so quickly? Well, I'll explain it to you: There was a time in my life that my chief interest was picking up money that didn't belong to me. Now, stealin's a weakness. There's some people who say you shouldn't have no weaknesses at all... no vices. But, if a man has no vices he's in great danger of making vices out of his virtues. That's a spectacle. We've all seen 'em. No... no... Nurse one vice to your bosom. Give it the attention that it deserves and let your virtues spring up modestly around it. I took to whiskey - whiskey took to me. Then I discovered one important rule that I'm going to pass on to you..."Never support two weaknesses at the same time." It's your 'combination sinners' that dishonor the vices and bring them into bad repute. There's nothing worse than for a man to be a drunkard AND a thief. So, now you know why I want to get rid of this money. I want to keep my mind free to do credit to the whiskey that it deserves. And my last word to you is this: One vice at a time.

Phroso: Schlitze your a real man,s woman.

Daisy Stevens, aka Mildred Beaumont: [after a passionate kiss] I never thought I'd have a yen for a copper, or are you gonna try to reform me, huh?
Det. Ed Fitzpatrick: What for?
[They kiss passionately again]

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Wallace Ford Facts
He and his future wife met when they both acted in a play together in New York. His wife, Martha Haworth, was 19 when she appeared on Broadway in "Abie's Irish Rose" as one of the bridesmaids. Wallace Ford was playing the part of Abie. They married about a year later.

Friend and drinking buddy of Morton Cooper, author of 'The King' and many other novels.

At the time of his death he was survived by his only daughter, Mrs. Patricia Zachery, and two grandchildren.

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