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Actress, Virginia O'Brien, was born Virginia Lee O'Brien on Apr 18, 1919 in Los Angeles, CA. O'Brien died at the age of 81 on Jan 16, 2001 in Woodland Hills, CA .


Virginia O'Brien was a deadpan singer and comedienne who joined MGM after Broadway success, but never proved more than an added attraction in several of their musicals, most notably "The Harvey Girls". She was married (first of three) to actor Kirk Alyn, one of the screen portrayers of Superman, from1942 to 1955. She was the niece of film director Lloyd Bacon.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Virginia O'Brien Quotes:

Alma: [singing] Yeah, they say they have hair on their chest, the only thing I've seen is just a fancy vest. Holy smackers, milk and crackers but it's wild in the wild, wild west.

Alma: [talking to Susan Bradley] I sent my picture into one of those Lonely Hearts Clubs and they sent it back, saying "We're NOT that lonely!"

Alma: Chris, what's wrong?
Chris Maule: Marty Peters was just here.
Alma: Marty Peters? The man who shot the last blacksmith?
Chris Maule: He... he... he did what?
[Chris has just been made the new blacksmith]
Alma: Well, it's all based on circumstantial evidence. No one actually saw the bullet leave the gun.
[Chris faints dead away]

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Virginia O'Brien Facts
Niece of Lloyd Bacon.

Granddaughter of Frank Bacon.

One daughter with Evans; 2 daughters and a son with Kirk Alyn.

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