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Actor, Victor Maddern, was born Victor Jack Maddern on Mar 16, 1926 in Ilford, England. Maddern died at the age of 67 on Jun 22, 1993 in London, England .



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Victor Maddern Quotes:

Knowles: We haven't had a stoppage like this for ages - not since the week before last.
Stanley Windrush: I'm terribly sorry about it.
Knowles: You don't want to be sorry, Squire. Makes a nice little break, doesn't it?

Marine Ruddock: [Marine Ruddock stumbles to the gate in his shorts, having run all the way back from the drop zone] I made it.
Sgt. Craig: You're not finished yet, Jesse Owens. Come on, double up! Pick 'em up! Hup! Two! Three! Four! Hup! Two! Three! Four! Pick 'em up! Pick 'em up! PICK 'EM UP! Hup! Two! Three! Four! Hup! Two! Three! Four! Pick 'em up! Pick 'em up...!

[Stanley is sitting on his fork-lift truck]
Knowles: Come on, Squire. What's the trouble?
Stanley Windrush: Damn thing won't go.
Knowles: Oh you've done it now. You forgot to plug in, didn't you?
Dai: [gleefully] I saw that last night. And when Charlie saw it, he said "There's a bloke who's going to have a flat battery in the morning."
Stanley Windrush: Well if he saw the plug was out, why the devil didn't he put it in?
Knowles: Demarcartion, Stan. Not his job. He mustn't go doing work that belongs to other people, must he?
Stanley Windrush: I thought we workers were all solid together.
Knowles: Squire, you need educating. He's in a different union. He's in the Amalgamated, we're in the General.
Stanley Windrush: Well what's the point in having *two* unions?
Knowles: Blimey. When was you born? How would we go on for wage claims? The Amalgamated gets rise, so the General puts in for one. If the General gets it, then the Amalgamated starts all over again. So it goes on, you see - like leapfrog. Otherwise we wouldn't none of us get a rise, would we?

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Victor Maddern Facts
Graduated from RADA after serving with the Merchant Navy.

He would turn down scripts containing profanity.

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