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Actor, Vic Damone, was born Vito Rocco Farinola on Jun 12, 1928 in Brooklyn, New York City. Damone died at the age of 89 on Feb 11, 2018 in Miami Beach, FL .



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Recording.

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Vic Damone Quotes:

Caliph Guard: [closing lines] Is this man to be pardoned, O Caliph?
Omar: Pardon him, All Highest. His crime was a service. Let him go free.
The Poet: No, don't ask that. Under the circumstances it would embarrass the All Highest to pardon his father-in-law. No, O Prince of Justice, let me help you to compose this most difficult of verdicts against a man who in his life never once did right and who never once wronged anyone. Condemn the scoundrel to some dreadful oasis at least a week's camel's journey away. Force him to take with him the widow of the soon to be late Wazir and all the property she can get her hands on before the accounts are audited. Condemn him to lighten her sorrow and to toil ceaselessly to remove all grief from her heart.
Lalume: You have just condemned yourself for life, My Lord.
The Poet: And finally, O Prince of True Believers, take from me my greatest treasure, my daughter, Marsinah. Take her away forever by marrying her til the end of her days.
The Caliph: Such is the Caliph's pleasure. And so he orders.
The Poet: [singing] Princes come/Princes go. An hour of pomp and show./ They know. /Princes come/ And over the sands and over the sands of time./ They go./ Wise men come./Ever promising/the riddle of life to know./Wise men come./But over the sands./ The silent sands of time./ They go./Lovers come./Lovers go./And all that there is to know/Lovers know./Only lovers know.

[Elizabeth has just met Andre, a Frenchman who speaks with an American accent.]
Elizabeth Rogers: That's funny. You don't speak with a French accent.
Andre Milan: My father is English, so I was educated in England.
Elizabeth Rogers: But you don't speak with an English accent.
Andre Milan: Why should I? I'm French!

The Poet: May your taxes increase!
[Said when acting as a beggar to get the Baghdad merchants to give him alms]

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Vic Damone Facts
His sister Sandy was shot to death by her ex-husband Abby who then killed himself at the bingo hall in North Miami where they both worked in the mid 80's.

Father of son Perry (with Pier Angeli), daughters Victoria, Andrea and Daniella (with Judith Rawlins).

His sisters are Pia, Teresa, Elaine and Sandra.

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