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Actor, Troy Donahue, was born Merle Johnson Jr. on Jan 27, 1936 in New York City, NY. Donahue died at the age of 65 on Sep 2, 2001 in Santa Monica, CA .



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Troy Donahue Quotes:

2nd Lt. Matthew 'Matt' Hazard: There's nothing the matter with these recruits, sir. The matter is with the training and the discipline.

2nd Lt. Matthew 'Matt' Hazard: All right, now take a good look at them. It's going to make killing Apaches a lot easier They were buried alive. Those ants are eating their brains out!

Bart Hunter: [Intoxicated] This'll be painful for you, but you might as well face the truth... the RAW truth. Take... take a good look at your parents, hmm? We've got no more secrets to hide. All the cats are out of the bag: all the scrawling, mangy, obscene, horrible cats of your inheritance. You're the son of a drunkard... and a harlot.
Johnny Hunter: You're wrong about mother, dad.
Bart Hunter: Gone to her side, have ya'?
Johnny Hunter: I'm not taking sides. I just want to marry Molly.
Bart Hunter: [pauses, then smirks] Oh, Johnny, stop being a silly sentimentalist. It's stupid! Molly is merely a succulent little wench!
Johnny Hunter: She's not a wench! She's everything I've ever dreamed of in a girl.
Bart Hunter: Oh, don't make me laugh! They're all alike in the dark!
Johnny Hunter: [Taken aback] You can't make her cheap! You can't do it! In spite of your damned supercilious, intelligent mind. And with or without your consent, we're getting married!

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Troy Donahue Facts
8/30/01: Suffered a heart attack. He never recovered and died at St. John's Hospital and Medical Center in Santa Monica, CA, 9/2/01.

Survived by daughter Janine & 3 grandchildren, as well as a son, Sean (born 1970).

Underwent successful angioplasty surgery upon his arrival in hospital, but then suffered a second heart attack and was given a heart bypass.

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