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Actor, Torin Thatcher, was born Torin Herbert Erskine Thatcher on Jan 15, 1905 in Bombay, British India (now Mumbai). Thatcher died at the age of 76 on Mar 4, 1981 in Thousand Oaks, CA .


Torin Thatcher was a tall, burly, dark-haired and strong-looking India-born actor. He played in British films on and off for 20 years before going to Hollywood, where he played villains in westerns, swashbucklers, comedies and thrillers (1936, Sabotage; 1950, The Black Rose; 1953, The Robe) without ever quite making star billing. He began his career as a schoolmaster and enthusiastic amateur boxer before going on the stage. He died from cancer in 1981.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Torin Thatcher Quotes:

Myles Falworth: [Sir James instructs Myles to ride a horse among a series of pells - upright supports - with his hands over his head. When he fails, he complains to Sir James that he cannot control the horse] How is the horse supposed to know, unless he has more sense than I?
Sir James: A possibility not so remote as you might imagine.

Pendragon: Oh Isis, keeper of the magic flame, behold thy shrouded minions, demons of the dark, assembled to prepare before the altar of thy eternal flame a neophyte to serve thee in thy mystic labyrinth.

Pendragon: Welcome to Castle Pendragon.
Jack: I had a sample of your welcome outside.
Pendragon: I must compliment you on your valor, young man. First you vanquish Cormoran, my giant, then you found your way to this island - a feat in itself. Just now you lashed out and destroyed my dragon men with your magic whip - a stroke of genius! A real tragedy to have come so far only to suffer failure.

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Torin Thatcher Facts
Received the 1957 Sylvania Award for his performance in "Beyond This Place.".

The favorite villain of director Nathan Juran.

A co-founder of the Society for Theatre Research in 1947 and was its Vice Chairman for the Committee.

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