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Actor, Tommy Kirk, was born Thomas Harvey Kirk on Dec 10, 1941 in Louisville, KY. As of December 2020, Tommy Kirk was 79 years old.



On October 9, 2006, Kirk received the Disney Legends Award for living up to the Disney principals of imagination, skill, discipline, craftsmanship and magic.

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By Jnpickens on Jun 27, 2011 From Comet Over Hollywood

in "Old Yeller" You may have seen him turning into a sheepdog on “The Shaggy Dog,” tragically killing his dog in “Old Yellar” or as the know-it-all brother in “Swiss Family Robinson.” Life for fresh faced, slightly goofy seemed sunn... Read full article

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Tommy Kirk Quotes:

Arliss Coates: What's Papa gonna sell our steers for?
Travis Coates: For money, of course.
Arliss Coates: What's money?
Travis Coates: That's what you buy things with.
Arliss Coates: What do you mean by buy things?
Travis Coates: Well when you have money, you give it to people for stuff. They say you can get anything for money.
Arliss Coates: Anything? What's it look like?
Travis Coates: I never seen but one piece. A dollar bill Papa had.
Arliss Coates: What'd Papa buy with his dollar?
Travis Coates: Nothing that wasn't no good.
Arliss Coates: But you just said you could get anything with money.
Travis Coates: But Papa's was confederate.
Arliss Coates: What's confederate money?
Travis Coates: Confederate money? Well, it's...
Arliss Coates: Well?
Travis Coates: Don't you ever run out of questions?

Don: I've never seen so many trying to cover so much with so little.

Buzz Miller: Hey, Wilby, what is it this time?
Wilby Daniels: What about the seven bucks I loaned you?
Buzz Miller: What about it?
Wilby Daniels: Cough it up. Pop pulled the plug on my allowance.
Buzz Miller: Gee, pal, I'd like to help you out, but you know how it is. I've got a date with Allison.
Wilby Daniels: I'm sick and tired of financing your romances.

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Tommy Kirk Facts
In July 1996, he was a guest at the Western Film Fair in Charlotte, North Carolina along with Morgan Woodward, Tony Young, Patricia Blair, Roberta Shore, Gregory Walcott, Gene Evans, Justin Tubb, Adrian Booth, Robert F. Hoy, Neil Summers and Dale Berry.

Played Kevin Corcoran's brother in five different films: Old Yeller (1957), The Shaggy Dog (1959), Swiss Family Robinson (1960), Bon Voyage! (1962) and Savage Sam (1963).

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