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Actor, Terence Longdon, was born Hubert Tuelly Longdon on May 14, 1922 in Newark-on-Trent, England. Longdon died at the age of 89 on Apr 23, 2011 in Oxford, England .



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Terence Longdon Quotes:

[Nurse Dawson approaches Ted with a large tablet]
Ted York: You have given one of these before?
Nurse Stella Dawson: Oh, good gracious, hundreds.
[Hands him a glass of water]
Nurse Stella Dawson: There you are, get it down now.
Nurse Dorothy Denton: [Passing:] Other end, Nurse.
[Nurse Dawson looks ashamed]
Ted York: Never mind. With a face like mine, it's a mistake anyone might make.

Ted York: Did it win?
Second Ambulance Man: That nag should be going into hospital, not you!
Ted York: I wonder who won the baby stakes?
[Ted get up from the strecher, which collapses on top of the First Ambulance Man]
Ted York: [looking down] Supposing I'd been on it!

1st Jailer: [looking in records] Miriam, wife... Tirzah, daughter.
Drusus: Yes, that's them. Are they alive?
1st Jailer: [examining the records, he is pessimistic] East section... lower level. Cell two. The jailer in that wing will know.
[Drusus is led down various passages into the lower dungeons]
Drusus: How long since you've seen them?
2nd Jailer: Never - and I've been here three years. But they're alive, all right.
2nd Jailer: [after demonstrating a slot in the bottom of the cell door] The food disappears.

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Terence Longdon Fact
After Carry on Regardless (1961) he decided not to do anymore Carry On films due to other commitments.

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