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Legendary actor, Stewart Granger, was born James Lablanche Stewart on May 6, 1913 in Kensington, London. Granger died at the age of 80 on Aug 16, 1993 in Santa Monica, CA and was cremated and his ashes given to family or friend.


Tall, dark, debonair British actor who, after a hard apprenticeship, was invalided out of war service and promptly shot to stardom portraying a series of dashing romantic adventurers. He went to Hollywood at the late age of 37, but still enjoyed half-a-dozen good years in bigger-budget MGM facsimiles of his British successes. He ended his star career in continental action films. Married to Elspeth March (1939-1949) and Jean Simmons (1950-1960): first and second of three. Died from prostate and bone cancer.

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Granger was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Stewart Granger Quotes:

Andre Moreau: The oceans are full of fish and the heavens with stars. To contemplate one woman to the exclusion of all others may be for some men, but not for me.

Andre Moreau: Forgive the intrusion, but vehicle ordinance number 4012 forbids osculation in public conveyances. First offenders get three days in the pillory.

Andre Moreau: [to De Maynes] Yes, you're going to die, but not by a bullet. You're going to die as he died, by the sword. You'll be driven back, step by step, until you stand helpless, as he did. And then I, Andre Moreau, will kill you as you killed him. l swear it, Philippe, by all that I hold sacred. l swear you this man's death.

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Stewart Granger Facts
Took sword fencing very seriously for his dashing roles in The Prisoner of Zenda (1952) and Scaramouche (1952). He was so earnest in mastering the skill of fencing that he took lessons from a retired Olympic fencing champion. During his preparation for Scaramouche (1952), his fencing lessons and practice made him wear out a dozen or so pairs of fencing shoes. He adorned the cover of Life Magazine when the film was released and the title was "Stewart Granger: Swashbuckler". Perhaps the only actor superior to him in fencing at that time was Basil Rathbone.

Father of Tracy Granger (with Jean Simmons) and Lindsey Granger and Jamie Granger (with Elspeth March.

Stewart became England's top box office star in the 1940s which attracted Hollywood's attention.

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