Stanley Ridges Overview:

Actor, Stanley Ridges, was born on Jul 17, 1890 in Southampton, Hampshire. Ridges died at the age of 60 on Apr 22, 1951 in Westbrook, CT and was cremated and his ashes given to family or friend.

Stanley Ridges was a tall, heavy-set British-born actor known for his strong features and commanding presence. He moved to America in 1920, where he remained he primarily a leading stage actor until the late 1930s. By the time Ridges came to Hollywood in 1938, he was too old to remain a leading man but  offered character roles in choice films such as Sergeant York, To Be or Not To Be, and The Suspect.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Stanley Ridges Quotes:

Alvin: Well I'm as much agin' killin' as ever, sir. But it was this way, Colonel. When I started out, I felt just like you said, but when I hear them machine guns a-goin', and all them fellas are droppin' around me... I figured them guns was killin' hundreds, maybe thousands, and there weren't nothin' anybody could do, but to stop them guns. And that's what I done.
Maj. Buxton: Do you mean to tell me that you did it to save lives?
Alvin: Yes sir, that was why.
Maj. Buxton: [amazed] Well, York, what you've just told me is the most extraordinary thing of all!

Doctor Walter Morrison: What is incurable today is curable next Wednesday.

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