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Actor, Sid James, was born Solomon Joel Cohen on May 8, 1913 in Hillbrow, South Africa. James died at the age of 63 on Apr 26, 1976 in Sunderland, England .



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and Kenneth Connor as the unlikely roommates in What a Carve Up! (Pat Jackson, 1961)

By Virginie Pronovost on Mar 29, 2024 From The Wonderful World of Cinema

We often talk about how much two characters lit up the screen due to their combined energy, the chemistry between the actors or the passion and compassion that emerges from their duos. We think of characters like Nick (William Powell) and Nora (Myrna Loy) in?The Thin Man?film series, Jack (Leonardo ... Read full article

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Mrs. Fussey: Joan may think you're a gentleman but personally I've got sore misgivings.
Sid Boggle: You ought to put some talcum powder on them.

[Charlie, not knowing that Peggy is running Glamcabs, tells her all about the planned sabotage]
Peggy Hawkins: What you're going to do is wrong, Charlie!
Charlie Hawkins: All right, so it's wrong, Charlie! And I'm a right Charlie!

[last line - Pintpot has made Charlie swerve and hit a tree. His taxi is undriveable]
Charlie Hawkins: Call me a cab!

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Sid James Facts
His best friends were his Carry On co-stars Patsy Rowlands and Peter Butterworth.

Collapsed and died on-stage of a heart attack while appearing in "The Mating Game" at the Empire Theatre, Sunderland.

Career prior to acting was as a top ladies' hairdresser in South Africa.

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