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Actor, Sean McClory, was born Sean Joseph McClory on Mar 8, 1924 in Dublin, Ireland. McClory died at the age of 79 on Dec 10, 2003 in Hollywood Hills, CA .



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Dr. O'Carberry: The question is, do you want to be responsible?
Capt. Oskar Wessels: I am responsible for nothing, none of them had to die. They could have walked out of there any time they liked. I have simply been the instrument of an order, an order I did not agree with.
Dr. O'Carberry: You say that as if you memorized it.
Capt. Oskar Wessels: Why do you talk to me? Why don't you talk to the Indians? That is where the blame is. Any time! Any time, they could have ended this.
Dr. O'Carberry: First it was the headquarters, now it's the Indians. Everybody is to blame but you!

Capt. Thomas Archer: You claim to be a doctor. You gonna let him put those women and children in a warehouse at 10 below zero? What are you gonna do about it?
Dr. O'Carberry: What are you gonna do about it?

Dr. O'Carberry: Listen to me, Miss Wright. You're a Quaker and you're dedicated to self-sacrifice. Well, I'm dedicated to self-preservation. You know, you want me to go out there, don't you? Yeah, and take me future, me career and me pension... and throw it down the drain. Is that what you want, huh? Yeah, well... that's exactly what I'm going to do.

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Sean McClory Fact
Spent early life in Galway, Ireland. He was a member of Dublin's The Abbey Players, and was "discovered" by director John Ford and cast in his Ireland-filmed The Quiet Man (1952).

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