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Actress, Sally Ann Howes, was born on Jul 20, 1930 in St. John's Wood, London. Ann Howes died at the age of 91 on Dec 19, 2021 in Palm Beach Gardens, FL from natural causes .



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Check it Out! - and Howard Keel on "The Bell Telephone Hour" ( 1960 )

By The Metzinger Sisters on Apr 30, 2023 From Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers

Check out this wonderful clip from a rare color episode of The Bell Telephone Hour ( 1960 ) featuring and Howard Keel singing "Tonight" from the Broadway musical West Side Story. Two beautiful actors with beautiful voices.... Read full article

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Sally Ann Howes Quotes:

Truly Scrumptious: Is that all you do Mr. Potts, invent things?

Caractacus Pott: Truly! I'm sorry about the children. I hope they didn't embarrass you.
Truly Scrumptious: In what way?
Caractacus Pott: Why, that silly joke about us getting married. Well, you know how kids are.
Truly Scrumptious: Yes, I understand.
Caractacus Pott: Wel, I don't think they realize how ridiculous that would be.
Truly Scrumptious: Ridiculous?
Caractacus Pott: Well, yes. Well, the factory, and your father and all. It's a different world, Truly.
Truly Scrumptious: You know, if I said something like that, you'd call me a snob.
Caractacus Pott: What? I didn't mean sn...
Truly Scrumptious: Goodbye!

Lady Brocklehurst: George... Listen when anyone begins to answer with "The fact is... "
Brocklehurst: But why, mother?
Lady Brocklehurst: Because that is, usually, the beginning of a lie.

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Sally Ann Howes Facts
Naturalized U.S. citizen.

Often appeared on television and on the musical stage in the 1960s and the 1970s with actors/singers Earl Wrightson and Lois Hunt.

Sister of Peter Howes

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