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Legendary actor, Robert Walker, was born Robert Hudson Walker on Oct 13, 1918 in Salt Lake City, UT. Walker died at the age of 32 on Aug 28, 1951 in Los Angeles, CA .



Although Walker was nominated for one Oscar, he never won a competitive Academy Award.

Academy Awards

YearAwardFilm nameRoleResult
2003Best Animated FeatureBrother Bear (2003)N/ANominated

He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures.

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Robert Walker Quotes:

Jane Deborah Hilton: How are things out at the field?
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: Oh, they're fine, thank you. How's everything with you?
Jane Deborah Hilton: Oh, just fine. I want to get a war job, but Mother won't let me.
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: Well, I think she's right. You ought to stay home -
Jane Deborah Hilton: No, it isn't that at all. Mother wants me to go to college.
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: Oh. Oh, gee. That would take four years, wouldn't it?
Jane Deborah Hilton: If I go.
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: You don't want to go?
Jane Deborah Hilton: No, it's so silly. If I were three or four years older, I could be a Wave.
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: Or a Wac.
Jane Deborah Hilton: Or a nurse. That's what I'd rather be most. A nurse.
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: That would be swell if I was wounded.
Jane Deborah Hilton: You shouldn't say such things.
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: Oh. I won't be wounded. I'll be killed.
Jane Deborah Hilton: Bill!
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: Oh, Jane would you care?
Jane Deborah Hilton: Well, of course I'd care, silly.
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: Well, gee, that'd be fine.
Jane Deborah Hilton: What would be fine about it?
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: Well, I thought that if - Well, what I mean is I would be glad if you were sorry if I were killed.
Jane Deborah Hilton: What good would that do if you were dead?
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: Yeah, I guess you're right.
Jane Deborah Hilton: I don't ever want to hear

Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: Do you mind if I smoke?
Jane Deborah Hilton: Of course not. Bill, why are you so... so timid about things?
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: What do you mean, Jane?
Jane Deborah Hilton: Oh, I mean about asking if you can smoke. Well, nobody else does that. And, well, I mean everything. Is it... I hope you won't think I'm being forward, but is it something to do with your grandfather?
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: No, it isn't that. Although I suppose I've always been sort of scared of Grandpa.

Doorman: Is this the place, monsieur?
Jimmy Dobson: Oui, oui.
Doorman: Will monsieur stay long in zis establishment?
Jimmy Dobson: Capistrano.

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Robert Walker Facts
Was the original choice for the male lead in Meet Me in St. Louis (1944). It eventually went to Tom Drake, despite protests from Judy Garland.

Married Jennifer Jones (then Phyllis Isley), on the one-year anniversary of the day they met. They separated on 7 November 1943, and she filed for divorce on 21 April 1945.

In December of 1948, he made national news when he fled from a Topeka, Kansas, psychiatric clinic and smashed up the local police station after being arrested for public drunkenness.

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