Job Stage, film, television actor
Years active 1915-64
Known for Deep guttural voice; lawyers, business owners, officials, detectives, hardened sailors, desperate characters
Top Roles Wolverstone, Duke Ring, Edwin Meredith, Secretary of Agriculture, Mayor Connison, Judge Adams
Top GenresDrama, Romance, Western, Comedy, Crime, Adventure
Top TopicsBook-Based, Pre-Code Cinema, World War I
Top Collaborators (Producer), (Producer), (Director), (Director)
Shares birthday with Sam Wood, John Gilbert, Nick Adams  see more..

Robert Barrat Overview:

Character actor, Robert Barrat, was born Robert Harriot Barrat on Jul 10, 1889 in New York City, NY. Barrat died at the age of 80 on Jan 7, 1970 in Hollywood, CA .


Robert Barrat was often seen in roles as imposing, sometimes harsh figures of authority, but he was equally at ease as strong, nasty villains or benign, pipe-smoking officials. He was a resident at Warners, through the 1930s, ("Captain Blood" 1935, "The Adventures of Mark Twain" 1945), and he had some spectacular fights on screen, most notably the one with Joel McCrea in "Union Pacific" (1939).

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Robert Barrat Quotes:

Betty, the maid: Mary! Mary, did you hear what happened last night?
Mary, the cook: Don't tell me the old cat went and had kittens again.
Betty, the maid: No, silly, it's Mr. Thomas!
Mary, the cook: What?
Betty, the maid: He disappeared.
Mary, the cook: Where to?
Betty, the maid: If we knew where he was, he wouldn't be disappeared, stupid. He slept... in the Blue Room!
Mary, the cook: [suddenly afraid] The ghost room?
Betty, the maid: And he's gone!
Mary, the cook: Oh...
Betty, the maid: Paul? Is it really true about Mr. Thomas?
Paul, the Butler: Yes. I warned them. But they laughed at me. But I tell you that anybody who sleeps in the Blue Room is never heard of again!

Christian Sanders Jr.: I don't see why Maria should suffer for a crime her grandfather committed. Why, she's as innocent as I am... or as guilty.

Christian Sanders: Oh, this swamp breeds more rumors than mosquitos.

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Robert Barrat Fact
Screen, stage, and television actor.

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