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Character actor, Raymond Walburn, was born on Sep 9, 1887 in Plymouth, IN. Walburn died at the age of 81 on Jul 26, 1969 in New York City, NY and was laid to rest in Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum in Hartsdale, NY.


Round-faced, brown-haired, mustachioed, pop-eyed American actor, a favorite comic character star of the 1930s and 1940s, often seen as phony military types and jovial confidence tricksters, and constantly surprised at the pricking of his own pomposity of bogusness. Excelled in the low-budget "Henry" comedies of the late 1940s and early 1950s. A most likeable rogue.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Film Character Actors: an Illustrated Directory).



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Raymond Walburn Quotes:

Judge Buckner: Come on, Doc! Your job is pulling teeth out of people's mouths, not putting words in 'em. Let him speak for himself!

Mrs. Noble: Everett, I just have a feeling you're going to make an ass of yourself and I'm just going to pretend I don't know you.
Mayor Everett D. Noble: I wish you didn't have to pretend!

Mayor Everett D. Noble: [dictating his acceptance speech to his son, Forrest] I accept the responsibility with a sense of both humility, satisfaction and gratitude.
Forrest Noble: You can't say "both humility, satisfaction and gratitude". "Both" means two, and you have "humility, satisfaction and gratitude". That's three.
Mayor Everett D. Noble: I can't say it.
Forrest Noble: You can not.
Mayor Everett D. Noble: I've been saying it for years.
Forrest Noble: Well, it isn't correct grammar.
Mayor Everett D. Noble: I'm not running on a platform of correct grammar.

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Raymond Walburn Facts
His first Broadway show "The Greyhound" (1912) was deemed a huge hit but its run was cut short by the "Titanic" disaster.

While playing the juvenile lead in the play "Come Out of the Kitchen" starring Ruth Chatterton, Walburn was called to military duty. He joined the heavy artillery corps in training at Fort Hamilton and, during his first leave, returned to the theater to visit. The management, in a spurt of patriotism, allowed him to play his old part in uniform that night.

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