Nestor Paiva Overview:

Character actor, Nestor Paiva, was born Nestor Caetano Paiva on Jun 30, 1905 in Fresno, CA. Paiva died at the age of 61 on Sep 9, 1966 in Hollywood, CA .


American actor mostly in aggressive or temperamental roles. His long radio experience gave the California-born actor an ear for foreign accents that he quickly turned to his advantage after arriving in Hollywood in 1938. Playing Russians, Mexicans, Red Indians, Arabs, South Americans, Spaniards, Italians, and half-castes in general, he soon became one of the cinema's "familiar faces" to whom it was most difficult to add the name.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Film Character Actors: an Illustrated Directory).



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Nestor Paiva Quotes:

The Morgan Twins: [in unison] Mr. Wade? We're playing in Jersey City. Can you catch our act? We're the Morgan Twins.
Max Wade: When you're triplets, come back and see me.

Gregor: The Inspector General. Yes, he has full power from the Emperor himself. And wherever he finds bribery and corruption, there the gallows and the firing squad go to work. More.
[the newly deposed Mayor of Klimenti is immediately given more wine to calm him]
The Mayor: What does he look like, this Inspector General?
Gregor: Who knows? A man of mystery. Five days he was in our midst and no one even suspected it. He went everywhere, saw everything, and uncovered such corruption that even I was shocked.

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Nestor Paiva Facts
Father of Caetana Paiva and Joseph Paiva.

Initially planned on becoming a teacher and enrolled at the University of San Francisco, a Jesuit institution.

Parents Francisco Caetano Paiva and Marianna Luiza Freitas were Portuguese immigrants. Nestor was the tenth of twelve children -- half of them dying in infancy. His parents owned a grocery store in Fresno.

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