Monte Blue Overview:

Character actor, Monte Blue, was born Gerard Montgomery Blue on Jan 11, 1887 in Indianapolis, IN. Blue died at the age of 76 on Feb 18, 1963 in Milwaukee, WI .


Moon-faced American romantic lead with sleek brown hair, popular in silent and early sound light dramas, before moving into scores of character roles until his retirement in 1955, following a brief period working in a circus. Part Cherokee Indian, Blue began his career as a stuntman for director D.W. Griffith after periods as a cowhand, a timberjack and labouring on the railroad. Died from a coronary attack.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Film Character Actors: an Illustrated Directory).



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures.

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Monte Blue Quotes:

Diana Compton: Are you actually proposing to move this huge metal tower? Why?
Unga Khan: Because it contains all the machinery that has enabled me to harness the atom, the most destructive force known to science. Once I reach the surface I will become the ruler of the upper world... or destroy it!
Diana Compton: Professor Norton would never agree to such a fiendish plan!
Prof. Norton: He's insane if he thinks I will.
Unga Khan: We have ways of persuading people to do our bidding.

Dr. Matthew Lloyd: [after putting a stethescope on a man's chest] I was sure it wasn't in your heart to refuse me a drink.

Khan's Henchman: When you succede in sending them to the bottom of the sea, Atlantis will rise once more to its former place in the sun and you will be the ruler of all things.
Unga Khan: Start the disintegrator!

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Monte Blue Facts
Wife Tove Janson is daughter of Bodil Rosing.

Father of Tove Blue Valentine.

Once saved a chorus girl (Wanda Stewart) from serious injury by tearing her gown off after it had accidentally caught on fire during a stage performance in Seattle.

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