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Legendary actor, Moe Howard, was born Moses Horwitz on Jun 19, 1897 in Brooklyn, NY. Howard died at the age of 77 on May 4, 1975 in Los Angeles, CA .



Howard was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Moe Howard Quotes:

Moe: [Shemp's on fire] Hey Larry! He's been smoking in bed again! Get the water and the axe!
Shemp: Put me out!
Moe: [getting him out of bed] You nitwit, you brainless idiot you!

Moe: Next time you handle a gun, shoot yourself in the head.
Curly: I'll make a note of it. How do you spell head?
Moe: B-O-N-E. head!
[he whacks him in the head with a gun and the gun bends]

Moe: If there's anything I like better than honey and ketchup, it's baloney and whip cream! And we haven't got any.

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Moe Howard Facts
In contrast to his roughneck public persona, Moe was, in private life, a quiet, dedicated family man, whose hobbies included reading, playing bridge and making hooked rugs. The only one of the Stooges who really understood the value of a dollar, investments during his salad days left him a wealthy man at the time of his death.

Right after The Three Stooges' breakup with Ted Healy, Moe signed a contract with Columbia Pictures. Unknown to him, Larry Fine had signed with Carl Laemmle at Universal Pictures. The next morning Moe asked to see Columbia boss Harry Cohn and explained the situation to him. Cohn called up his legal department, which called up Universal's legal department to check the date and time of the contract signing. According to Moe, Cohn hung up the phone and said, "You boys belong to Columbia".

According to Moe, in sixty years, he never missed a performance.

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