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Actor, Max Linder, was born Gabriel-Maximilien Leuvielle on Dec 16, 1883 in Saint-Loubes, France. Linder died at the age of 41 on Nov 1, 1925 in Paris, France .



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I Am Max: A Docudrama Film

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I Am Max: A Docudrama Film Silent film fans all over the world have lauded their favorite on-screen comedians, particularly enjoying the works of legendary comedians such as Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd. While each of these comedians had a distinct sense of style and i... Read full article

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Silent Superstars: The Dapper Today, we tend to consider famous folks like Mary Pickford or Charlie Chaplin to be our earliest movie stars. But there were some screen actors and actresses who rose to fame even before they did. One of them was a dapper little man with a silk top hat and al... Read full article

Unboxing the Silents: The Collection

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The popular narrative regarding film comedy is that funny movies started out with coarse slapstick and slowly evolved into something a little more refined. Well, that’s all poppycock and my evidence is , a sophisticated French comedian who has just received a spiffy new collection as... Read full article

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Max in a Taxi (1917) Max Wants a Divorce (1917)... Read full article

Love’s Surprises (1915, )

on Sep 15, 2012 From The Stop Button

Calling Love’s Surprises a tepid comedy would be an understatement. Writer-director-star Linder fails to understand the very basics of drama, which puts the whole short in the dumps right off. It opens with a dinner party. The three men at the party all run off to grab hidden flowers for a gir... Read full article

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Max Linder Facts
When Charles Chaplin, who called Max Linder "his Professor," heard that Linder had committed suicide, he closed his studio one day to show his deep respect.

Made over 500 short films/movies. Only about 82 survive.

Appeared in more than 400 films during 1905-1925, most of which were short comedies; out of these, little more than two hundred have been possible to identify, and to date, less than a hundred of them are known to still exist.

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