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Character actress, Marie Blake, was born Edith Marie Blossom MacDonald on Aug 21, 1895 in Philadelphia, PA. Blake died at the age of 82 on Jan 14, 1978 in Los Angeles, CA .


Marie Blake (born Edith Marie Blossom MacDonald) appeared in over 110 film and television roles during her 30+ screen career, many uncredited and some under the name of Blossom Rock (Blossom being her middle name and Rock being her married name). Her first credited feature film role was as 'Augusta' in Love Finds Andy Hardy in 1938. Over the years, she became known as 'Sally,' the hospital switchboard operator, in the Dr. Kildare movie franchise - and in 1964, she landed her most famous (and iconic) roll as the quirky but lovable Grandmama Addams on the hit TV series, The Addams Family (1964-1966). 

Marie Blake's younger sister was actress and singing star, Jeanette MacDonald.  According to Jeanette MacDonald biographer Sharon Rich (who was also close friends with Marie Blake), Jeanette was happy that her sister Marie finally gained widespread fame playing Grandmama, and for that reason, Jeanette never missed watching an episode of The Addams Family.

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Marie Blake Quotes:

Ethel: Merle's gettin' married today.
Michael Shayne: Gettin' married? She can't do that to me!
Ethel: You can't blame her none, Mike. After all, she was caught between a stiff breeze and plenty of wind.
Michael Shayne: Talk English!
Ethel: Well, you gave her a stiff breeze, and he gave her plenty of wind.

Aunt Penelope: [reads a page of her story to John] "Dear X, I have discovered that only my nephew stands between me and the Switzer millions. So like the others, he shall die in agony - tonight - at the stroke of nine!"

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Marie Blake Facts
Sister-in-law of Gene Raymond.

Older sister of Jeanette MacDonald.

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