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Character actor, Marc Lawrence, was born Max Goldsmith on Feb 17, 1910 in New York City, NY. Lawrence died at the age of 95 on Nov 27, 2005 in Palm Springs, CA .


Marc Lawrence was a former singer and stage actor who devoted himself almost exclusively to films from 1936. With his narrow head, hooded eyes and tight, humorless smile, Lawrence was a natural for gangsters, and very efficient at it too. As he grew older, his pock-marked face took on a mottled appearance, making him look like an ancient, but still very deadly cobra.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Marc Lawrence Quotes:

Albert Muller: [to Burt Dawson] You're an excellent specimen of the human race - strong, clever, brave. That's why I've chosen you for my first experiment on a human being. You'll have the honor of being the first man to become my slave.

Judge: It is the judgment of this court that you are hereby sentenced to the punishment of death to be executed upon you at Sing Sing Prison during the week of December 9th.
Steve McBirney: [Sarcastically] December 9th? Thanks, Judge. I won't have to do any Christmas shopping.

Angelo Agostini: Maybe you better get out of town. Maybe you better really go away for a while. Mmmm! Take a little trip.
Barbara Whitfield: Would you miss me?
Angelo Agostini: Like my last breath!

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Marc Lawrence Facts
During the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings, Lawrence testified that Lionel Stander told him that joining the Communist Party would make him more attractive to women. During his testimony, Stander denounced Lawrence as a psychopath and presented a letter that gave Lawrence's mental history and revealed that he had been hospitalized after a mental breakdown just prior to his HUAC testimony.

Ex-father-in-law of Billy Bob Thornton.

Father of Toni Lawrence.

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