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Actress, Mady Christians, was born Marguerite Maria Christians on Jan 19, 1892 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary [now Austria]. Christians died at the age of 59 on Oct 28, 1951 in South Norwalk, CT and was laid to rest in Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum in Hartsdale, NY.



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Mady Christians Quotes:

Heidi: Aunt Dete! What - what do you want here?
Dete: Where's your grandfather?
Heidi: He's up on the mountain, cutting some logs.
Dete: Now you get on your coat and mittens. We're going away.
Heidi: I don't want to go away!
Dete: What?
Heidi: I want to stay here. I love the Grandfather, and he loves me. It's my birthday and we're going to have a party. Look.
[showing Dete a pair of shoes with a dark goat and a light goat sewn on them]
Heidi: He made me these for a present. There's Swanli and Bearli. And we're going down to the village to get sausage and butter because the Grandmother and Peter are coming.
Dete: Well, he won't mind you going on a little trip with me.
Heidi: Where?
Dete: Just to Frankfurt. You can come back whenever you like.
Heidi: I don't want to go to Frankfurt.
Dete: You will do as I say! Where are your clothes?
Heidi: I've got to ask the Grandfather first.
Dete: Where are they?
Heidi: [pointing to the closet] In there.
Dete: Now, there's nothing to worry about. We'll have a sleigh ride to Mayenfeld, and a nice trip on a train. And I'll buy you a present for your birthday.
Heidi: And can I come right back, in time for my party?
Dete: Now, didn't I tell you you could?
Heidi: Can I bring some soft rolls for the Grandmother? You see, she hasn't many teeth and can't eat her black bread.
Dete: Oh, yes. Come! Hurry up! Hurry up!
Heidi: First, I must go up the mountain and tell the Grandfather where I'm going.
Dete: There isn't time. We might miss our train! I'll send word back to him!
Heidi: But I'd rather tell him myself. Do you think if I put my birthda

Fräulein Rottenmeier: You will take that impossible child back.
Dete: You'll have to give me more expense money then, and the fifty marks Herr Sesemann promised.
Fräulein Rottenmeier: You dare to speak to me like that? I'll not give you one penny.
Dete: You'd better. I brought just the kind of child Herr Sesemann asked for. Unless you have your own reasons for not wanting her.
Fräulein Rottenmeier: Get out! And take your wretched niece with you!
Dete: All right, but you'll give me the money, or I'll write Herr Sesemann. You think I don't know what your little game is? A rich widow and his sick child. You don't want Klara to get well, not yet, not until you've convinced him that his little darling can't live without you.

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Mady Christians Facts
Daughter of players Bertha Klein and Rudolph Christians.

Studied with Max Reinhardt.

Appeared in U.S., Austrian, German, French, and British films.

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