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Actress, Lucille Bremer, was born on Feb 21, 1917 in Amsterdam, NY. Bremer died at the age of 79 on Apr 16, 1996 in La Jolla, CA and was cremated and her ashes scattered at seaoff of Baja CA.



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By Annette Bochenek on Mar 4, 2021 From Classic Movie Hub Blog

Classic Movie Travels: Lucille Rita Bremer (pronounced ?Bray-mer?) was a film actress and dancer, particularly remembered for her work in MGM musical films. Born in Amsterdam, New York, to Richard Bremer and Sarah E. Nichols on February 21, 1917, and raised in Phi... Read full article

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Lucille Bremer Quotes:

Mrs. Anna Smith: Rose, Esther, the water's hot. We're eating early tonight, so if you're going to wash your hair, you better do it now.
Rose Smith: All right, Mama. Es, why are we eating early?
Esther Smith: Well, you certainly don't want the whole family sitting there drinking in every word while a man proposes to you long-distance.
Rose Smith: Proposes? I don't see why you think Warren's going to propose to me.
Esther Smith: Well, why else would he be calling you long-distance? Do you know what it costs?
Rose Smith: I'm not even sure I'll be in. My dear, when you get to be my age, you'll find there are more important things in life than boys!

Rose Smith: Oh, Es, isn't he simply enchanting? And so mature!
Esther Smith: Well, how did it happen? Where did you meet?
Rose Smith: I was coming out of the shop and he was coming in. We bumped into each other!
Esther Smith: Accidentally?
Rose Smith: Almost!

Johnny Parkson Riggs: You didn't tell anybody I was your guardian angel, did you?
Yolanda Aquaviva: Not exactly. All I said was that you weren't a real man. My aunt doesn't believe me.
Yolanda Aquaviva: I'm glad of that. I'd rather it didn't get around.

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Lucille Bremer Facts
Astaire's dance partner in two films.

Husband was the son of former Mexican president.

Made the Life magazine cover story on March 25, 1946.

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