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Character actor, Leon Askin, was born Leo Aschkenasy on Sep 18, 1907 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary [now Austria]. Askin died at the age of 97 on Jun 3, 2005 in Vienna, Austria .


Tubby, swarthy and often mustachioed, Leon Askin was an Austrian actor who started his career on the German stage. He fled the Nazis in 1933, came to New York in 1940 and became an American citizen in 1943. From 1952, he began a spasmodic flirtation with the Hollywood film scene (and from 1959, the international film scene), appearing in very on-and-off fashion down through the years, mostly as Slavic villains - both comic and dramatic. He also directed, taught and lectured on drama. 

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Leon Askin Quotes:

Otto Ludwig Piffl: Is everybody in this world corrupt?
Peripetchikoff: I don't know everybody.

Peripetchikoff: We have emergency meeting with Swiss Trade Delegation. They send us twenty car-loads of cheese. Totally unacceptable... full of holes.

Peripetchikoff: Well, Comrades, what are we going to do? He's got it - we want it. Are we going to accept this blackmailing capitalist's deal?
Mishkin: Let's take a vote.
Peripetchikoff: I vote yes.
Mishkin: I vote yes.
Peripetchikoff: Two out of three. Deal is on!
Borodenko: Comrades, before you get in trouble, I must warn you, I am not really from Soft Drink Secretariat. I am undercover agent assigned to watch you.
Mishkin: In that case I vote no. Deal is off.
Borodenko: But I vote yes!
Peripetchikoff: Two out of three again! Deal is on!

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Leon Askin Facts
He received Vienna's Gold Medal of Honor, one of the city's most distinguished prizes.

He will probably be best remembered as the German general in "Hogan's Heroes" (1965); who perpetually threatened to send Col. Klink to the eastern front.

He received many honors after returning to Vienna, his homeland. In 1988, he was awarded the Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art; in 1994, he was presented with the Silver Cross of Honor, and; in 2002, he was honored with the Gold Cross of Honor for service to the City of Vienna. He was granted the honorary title of Professor by Minister Scholten in 1996 and honored with the Austrian Cross of Honor, First Class, for Science and Art in 2002.

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