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Character actor, Lawrence Tierney, was born on Mar 15, 1919 in Brooklyn, NY. Tierney died at the age of 83 on Feb 26, 2002 in Los Angeles, CA .



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Day 7 of Noirvember: The Fall and Rise of

By shadowsandsatin on Nov 8, 2015 From Shadows and Satin

was once likened to the renowned fictional character Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde. ?When he?s sober, he serious, thoughtful, ambitious,? the 1951 newspaper account revealed. ?When he?s drunk, he?s close to crazy.? With his portrayal of Depression-era gangster John Dillinger in the late 1940s... Read full article

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Lawrence Tierney Quotes:

Mrs. Lubeck: Take a breath, Vincent. Go ahead. Smell! You can smell fresh air here. Not like where we used to live by the city dump. Every time the wind changed... my!... the smell! And Papa running around all day yelling, 'Keep the windows closed! Keep the windows... '
Vincent Lubeck: Stop it, Ma! Keep the windows closed? What was the use? The stink came through them anyhow into all the corners of your lungs... your skin! Even if you took a bath every day, the stink would still stink! Our playground, where we picked up a few pieces of junk to get spending money. A rotten stink! Even now we're not too far away from it! But you wait! I've got ideas. I'll get plenty of money! Yeah, dough! That's the only thing that'll ever cover up the stink of the city dump!

Sam Wild: I've got a dame on my mind - and she's dead. That's plenty for me.

Sam Wild: Oh, I see. You cross the tracks on May Day with a basket of goodies for the poor slum kid, but back you scoot - and fast - to your own neck o' the woods. Don't you?
Helen Brent: I wouldn't say that.
Sam Wild: No, you wouldn't *say* it... but that's the way it is.

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Lawrence Tierney Facts
Never married but has a daughter Elizabeth.

Was offered the role of Charlie "The Gent" Malloy, the mob lawyer, in Elia Kazan's classic On the Waterfront (1954). Tierney lost out on the part when he demanded more money than was offered. Subsequently, Rod Steiger played Charlie, and won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination. Accepting the part likely would have revitalized Tierney's career, at least in the short-term.

When he guest-starred on "Seinfeld" (1990) in "The Jacket" episode as Elaine's father, he scared the cast so badly that they never had him back on. He stole a butcher knife from Jerry's TV kitchen and hid it under his jacket. When Seinfeld undauntedly confronted him about it (much to the dismay of the entire cast), Tierney pretended that he was going to use the knife as a gag in reference to the movie Psycho (1960) during the episode and quickly returned it.

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