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Character actor, John Ridgely, was born John Huntington Rea on Sep 6, 1909 in Chicago, IL. Ridgely died at the age of 58 on Jan 18, 1968 in New York City, NY .


Plum-nosed American actor of set expression, dark hair, and strikingly pale blue eyes. Born in Chicago, he was trained in industry but became interested in acting while working in California, and work at the Pasadena Community Playhouse led to a film contract with Warners. Ridgely's tall, faintly menacing figure moved into its best roles there in the 1940s, notably in Hawks's Air Force, and as Eddie Mars, chief menace to Humphrey Bogart, in Hawks's The Big Sleep. Declining to smaller roles, his later acting days were spent in stock and TV. Died from a heart ailment at 58.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Film Character Actors: an Illustrated Directory).



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John Ridgely Quotes:

Pilot Irish Quincannon: Pilot to crew: take a good look at Pearl Harbor. Maybe it's something you'll want to remember.

Eddie Mars: Your story didn't sound quite right.
Philip Marlowe: Oh, that's too bad. You got a better one?
Eddie Mars: Maybe I can find one.

Pilot Irish Quincannon: Tell the crew they can sleep in the next world.

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