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Actor, John Pickard, was born on Jun 25, 1913 in Lascassas, TN. Pickard died at the age of 80 on Aug 4, 1993 in Rutherford County, TN .



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[first lines]
[Bob Dennis is practicing aiming and firing his gun]
Alvin Dennis: You're sure itchin' to use that thing again, ain't ya?
Bob Dennis: Never hurts to be ready.
Alvin Dennis: You're always ready. Put it away.
Bob Dennis: You're nervous, huh?
Alvin Dennis: Yeah, well, I wouldn't be if it wasn't for you.

[first lines]
Frank Ross: Little Frank... You take care of your mama.
Little Frank: I will.

Bob Dennis: I'm sick of these two-bit towns. What's wrong with a place like Abilene for instance?
Alvin Dennis: Everything, as far as we're concerned.
Bob Dennis: They're bound to have a lot of cash on hand. They've got to pay off the trail drives.
Alvin Dennis: That's just it. Where's there's a lot of cash, there's a lot of guns.
Bob Dennis: We're not exactly amateurs.
Alvin Dennis: That's why we're alive. And we'll stay that way as long as we stick to the small towns.

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John Pickard Facts
Has played characters on both ends of a whip. In Hellgate (1952), he's seen as an inmate in a frontier prison who receives 17 lashes for lying to a guard. In Badlands of Montana (1957), he plays a corrupt frontier mayor who delivers 10 lashes to the back of an opponent played by Rex Reason,

He was almost cast as Marshal Dillon when "Gunsmoke" (1955) was under development for television in 1955. Charles Marquis Warren (who produced the first year of the show) said his tests were going very well until he "...floundered in a love scene with Kitty. I don't think he ever knew how close he came to immortality!"

Killed by a bull on a family farm.

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