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Actor, John Merivale, was born John Herman Merivale on Dec 1, 1917 in Toronto, Canada. Merivale died at the age of 72 on Feb 6, 1990 in London, UK .



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Mrs. Liz Lucas: [Lucas returns to his stateroom after being told the situation by Andrews] Please, will you tell me what's going on Robert? People have been rushing about, and noises overhead...
Robbie Lucas: It's very tiresome. We've struck an iceberg and damaged the ship. We may be a day late getting into New York.
Mrs. Liz Lucas: Oh, that is annoying.
Robbie Lucas: And, to make matters worse, the captain is being very fussy and correct. All women and children have to go up on deck and get into the lifeboats.
Mrs. Liz Lucas: Oh no.
Robbie Lucas: I'm afraid so, dear.
Mrs. Liz Lucas: But I don't want to wake the children. Is it really necessary?
Robbie Lucas: Yes!
[very sober tone]
Robbie Lucas: I... I believe we should do as the captain says.

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John Merivale Facts
In 1970, he was given ten years to live because of a previously undiagnosed hereditary kidney condition. He fell into a relationship with long-time friend actress Dinah Sheridan, who learned how to administer kidney dialysis at home. They married in 1986 and John died four years later, having stretched his life from ten to twenty years.

Stepbrother of Sally Pearson.

Son of Philip Merivale, stepson of Gladys Cooper.

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