Jay C. Flippen Overview:

Character actor, Jay C. Flippen, was born on Mar 6, 1899 in Little Rock, AR. Flippen died at the age of 71 on Feb 3, 1971 in Los Angeles, CA .


Jay C. Flippen was a bulldog-faced, craggy, thick-set American actor with thick, grey curly hair and beetle brows that expressed doubt or incredulity. For years he was a minstrel and comic in traveling shows and he also made a couple of early two-reel comedy films. He returned to films in 1947 as a character actor to play hard eggs who could be comic or genuinely tough (1947, Brute Force; 1951, The Lemon Drop Kid; 1956, Kismet). He was much in demand until the end of the fifties. Unfortunately Flippen lost a leg in later years and, eventually died from an aneurysm in 1971. 

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Jay C. Flippen Quotes:

Walking Coyote: I coulda been a chief.
Pvt. O'Meara, 6th Virginia Volunteers Sharpshooter: Oh yeah? How come you're not a chief now?
Walking Coyote: Eh, I got no stomach for politics.

Muggsy: [Inmate Muggsy, accompanied by prison guard Hodges, walking across the prison yard] You know, the way I got it figured out...
Hodges: Make sense. What are you trying to say?
Muggsy: Well, uh, I gotta' favor to pose you.
Hodges: Don't ask me no favors. I can't be bribed, see? Besides, you ain't got enough dough to bribe me.

[first lines]
Frank Colloni: Whaddya say, Joe.
[to Charley]
Frank Colloni: Boy, this is sure seein' Europe the hard way!
Charley Grayson: Aw, it's better than dodgin' those sheriffs in Kentucky. Besides, we might do pretty good here.

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Jay C. Flippen Facts
The actor lost a leg to diabetes in the late 60's.

Can be seen in his wheelchair, minus his right leg, in the party scene at Jim Backus' house in the movie Mooch Goes to Hollywood (1971) (TV) , which was filmed shortly before his death. The great character actor is having a good time in his brief cameo, and obviously is beloved by the other guests.

Entombed at Westwood Memorial Park, Westwood, California - Corridor of Memories (Five crypts to the right of Marilyn Monroe)

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