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Actor, James Fox, was born William Fox on May 19, 1939 in London, England. As of December 2023, James Fox was 84 years old.



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[first lines]
Hugo Barrett: Excuse me, sir. My name is Barrett, sir.
Tony: Oh God, of course. I'm so sorry. I fell asleep. We've got an appointment.
Hugo Barrett: Yes, sir.
Tony: What time?
Hugo Barrett: 3'o clock, sir.
Tony: And what time is now?
Hugo Barrett: 3'o clock, sir.
Tony: Uh, it was too many beers at lunch, that's what it is. Do you drink beer?
Hugo Barrett: No. No, I don't sir.
Tony: Well, come upstairs. We can sit down. I'm just back from Africa, I'm quite liking it. What do you think of the house?
Hugo Barrett: It's so nice, sir.
Tony: Needs a lot to be done with, of course.

[looking at one of the gargoyles on the building he's climbing]
Jimmy Smith: Why, Judith Tremaine! Fancy meeting you here!

Tony: Do you want to go there?
Susan: Where?
Tony: The jungle.
Susan: No. Not now.
Tony: Not now.
[kisses her]

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James Fox Facts
Had a relationship with the actress Sarah Miles in the early 1960s.

His Patriot Games (1992) cast mate, Richard Harris, was also his niece's former father-in-law.

Fox left the acting profession for nine years (1970-79) after he filmed Performance (1970) with Mick Jagger. A combination of his father's recent death, the strain of filming and smoking the hallucinogen DMT with Mick Jagger led to a nervous breakdown. Fox subsequently joined a religious organisation known as "The Navigators" which is similar to the Gideons and is closely associated with the ministry of Billy Graham.

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