Job Actor
Years active 1910-1951
Known for Comic foil to Laurel and Hardy; the original "D'oh"
Top Roles Dutch Peasant, Man at Golf Course, Cabby, Mickey Finn, James
Top GenresComedy, Short Films, Silent Films, Musical, Drama, Family
Top TopicsRomance (Comic), Screwball Comedy, Dance
Top Collaborators (Producer), , , (Producer)
Shares birthday with Martha Raye, George Montgomery, Leo Penn  see more..

James Finlayson Overview:

Character actor, James Finlayson, was born James Henderson Finlayson on Aug 27, 1887 in Larbert, Scotland. Finlayson died at the age of 66 on Oct 9, 1953 in Los Angeles, CA .


With bald head and walrus mustache, James Finlayson appeared in over 240 roles and is probably best remembered as a great comic foil to Laurel and Hardy. He is known for the double-take-&-squint, the one-eyed stare… and the ORIGINAL “D’oh”.

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By Annmarie Gatti on Aug 27, 2012 From Classic Movie Hub Blog

Born August 27, 1887, Character Actor ! Over 240 roles and the GREAT Comic Foil to Laurel & Hardy! Known for the double-take-&-squint, the one-eyed stare… and the ORIGINAL “D’oh” !!! “And the next time, I want my payment without any detour! Huh, ... Read full article

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James Finlayson Quotes:

[learning that Mr. Cucumber is on the phone]
Oliver: [to Stanley] You take it. Tell him I left 10 minutes ago.
Stanley: [goes to phone where Mr. Cucumber is mad]
Peter Cucumber: Do you realize you're holding everything up? Where is Mr. Hardy?
Stanley: He's right here. And he told me to tell you that we left 10 minutes ago.
[hangs up]
Peter Cucumber: [makes his weird eye expression] Da-oh.

Schoolteacher: How many times does three go into nine?
Stanley: ...Three times.
Schoolteacher: Correct.
Stanley: And two left over.
Schoolteacher: [nods; Ollie begins to giggle] What are you laughing at?
Oliver: There's only one left over.
Schoolteacher: D'oh!

Schoolteacher: We will now have the role call. Those that are here will answer "present". Those that are not here will say "absent".

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James Finlayson Facts
Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer Simpson for "The Simpsons" (1989), has said that Homer's "D'oh!" was inspired by Finlayson's use of the same exclamation.

His famous moustache was a phoney that he only wore in films.

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