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Actor, Jack Ingram, was born John Samuel Ingram on Nov 15, 1902 in Frankfort, IL. Ingram died at the age of 66 on Feb 20, 1969 in Canoga Park, CA .



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Dr. Horace Moore: Does it make any difference what we're looking for as long as you're paid?
Tom Hammil: Not at all, Doctor, except if a man finds gold or jewels he's got something he can cash in on. This medicine you're looking for is a gamble.
Dr. Horace Moore: Have you ever seen any of the Arzec medicines or witch doctor charms?
Tom Hammil: No one's ever been in or gotten out of their hidden village to tell about it.

Townsman looking at reward poster: I saw a big reward sign go up in Hangtown once. Shucks, they brought in sixteen corpses the first week... and there wasn't any of 'em that even looked like the fella!

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