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Actress, Irene Papas, was born Irene Lelekou on Sep 3, 1926 in Chilimodion, Greece. Her best known films include The Guns of Navarone, Zorba the Greek, Z, and Anne of the Thousand Days. Papas died at the age of 96 on Sep 14, 2022 in Chiliomodi, Greece .



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Irene Papas Quotes:

Maria Pappadimos: They're burning Mandrakos in punishment.

Jocasta Constantine: Go home. Before you kill your first man. Or put a rope on your first hanging, and it begins to eat you up alive. Learn a decent trade. Find yourself a nice girl and get married. Live in a place where you can bring up children. A normal life. A normal life that... Steve, I... I'm sorry. Sometimes I think you're my own man. The old dreams.

Jocasta Constantine: [Offering to loan Steve ten dollars] I'd lend you more, if you would use the money to go back home.
Steve Miller: Go home? Why?
Jocasta Constantine: Steve, we've only talked a few times since you came here. But I know this about you. You are gentle. You haven't been used, and made hard. This is not your kind of life. Look at the men in the bunkhouse: Baldy, and Fat Jones, and Abe. Never a chance for a family, or a home. In ten years, you're gonna' be like them - a "nobody" on a horse. That's what a wrangler is: a "nobody" on a horse. With bad teeth, broken bones, double hernia, and lice!

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Irene Papas Facts
Member of the Anna-Marie Foundation's board of directors along with members of the Greek royal family.

Confirmed in an interview that she had an affair with Marlon Brando, a close friend until his death.

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