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Character actor, Ian MacDonald, was born on Jun 28, 1914 in Great Falls, MT. MacDonald died at the age of 63 on Apr 11, 1978 in Bozeman, MT .



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Ian MacDonald Quotes:

Massai: If the Cherokee is like the white man, then he is Massai's enemy.
Clagg: I am the enemy of no man.
Massai: Then the Cherokee is a woman!
Clagg: I am no woman! My people have fought the white man many times but have always been driven west. First from a place called Carolina, then the land of Tennessee and then at last to Oklahoma. But there our chiefs grew wise. They did not fight and they did not run.
Massai: Neither does the turtle.
Clagg: Are you afraid of the turtle? Then put your knife away.

Massai: Apaches are warriors, not farmers.
Clagg: You have seen the world of the white man...their numbers are like leaves on the trees. That taught you nothing? The warriors' day is over. Once we Cherokees were like the Apaches. We feasted when the hunting was good. We starved when it was bad. But the white man ate all year around...because he raised his own food. We found we could live with the white man...only if we live like him.

Drunken sport: [on hearing Magnolia try to sing at the Trocadero] Take her back to the river... hee, hee, hee!

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