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Character actor, Ian Hunter, was born on Jun 13, 1900 in Cape Town, South Africa. Hunter died at the age of 75 on Sep 23, 1975 in London, England .



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Ian Hunter Quotes:

Sara Crewe: Daddy?
Captain Reginald Crewe: Sara...
Sara Crewe: Daddy! Oh, Daddy! It is you! I found you! I found you! They said you were dead, but I knew you weren't! I knew you'd come back! Oh, Daddy, hold me, hold me close. You won't ever go away again, will you? Will you, Daddy? What's the matter, Daddy? Why don't you talk to me?
Captain Reginald Crewe: Sara...
Sara Crewe: Don't you know me, Daddy? I'm Sara! I'm Sara!
Captain Reginald Crewe: Sara... Where is my daughter...
Sara Crewe: Oh, Daddy! Something's happened to you! Mr. Bertie! Mr. Bertie! Oh, Daddy, you've got to know me! Look at me! Look at me! Oh, Daddy...
Captain Reginald Crewe: You musn't cry. You musn't cry. We must be good soldiers, you know.
Sara Crewe: But, I have been a good soldier, Daddy! And you don't know me!
Captain Reginald Crewe: My little Sara never cries...
Sara Crewe: But, I'm Sara! I'm Sara!
Captain Reginald Crewe: Sara... Sara! My little... My darling...
Sara Crewe: Oh, Daddy! You know me! You know me!
Captain Reginald Crewe: Sara, my darling! My baby Sara! Sara! Poor Sara, darling!

[first lines]
Sara Crewe: Why are they sending so many soldiers, daddy, if it's only going to be a little war?
Captain Reginald Crewe: To make those stubborn Boers take us seriously this time, my darling. When they realize Her Majesty intends to put a stop to their nonsense, they'll quiet down.
Sara Crewe: They'd better. Anyhow, when you get there, you'll stop them. Won't you, daddy?
Captain Reginald Crewe: I'll do my best, dear.

Eric Keating: You know, things are going to happen in this country. Guns and shooting are going out. Law and order is on the march. You better look out or they'll run you over. The good people want to live together as good, peaceful citizens. And when they get together, there isn't a man fast enough on the draw or tough enough to stand against them. Not even Hannibal, Napolean or Billy the Kid.

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Ian Hunter Fact
Brother of Alexander Hunter; the political cartoonist on the Washington Times.

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